How to play scratch cards From Professionals Help Defeat All Opponents

How to play scratch cards is popular with many new players because not everyone knows how to gamble. When you play, you have to fight with the other members to choose the doors or whether to add money or not. Let mcw casino learn how to play, terms as well as experience from the high players in the following article.

How to play scratch cards
How to play scratch cards

What’s a scratch?

The scratch, also known as the “Turtle Scratch” or the “Furner Scraper”, is a simple game that needs to be used up to a set of 52 cards.How to play scratch cards is very simple, each participant will be divided into three cards and the game begins by choosing a card from his set and placing it open in the middle of the table. The next player will choose a card from his card set, and if it matches the number or button with the card that was placed in the middle of the table, they also place it openly up on that card.

Next, the player takes another card from his set of cards and holds it tightly in his hand, not allowing the other player to see it. The game continues clockwise with each player repeating the above procedure. The game continues until a player has a three-card set of the same number or button, that player will be the winner of that round and receive points.

Terms in scratch

To learn how to play scratch cards, you first need to understand the terms in this green game, namely:

  • Draw: The action of taking a card from your set after you have placed a card on the table.
  • Open card: The cards that you put open and up on the cards that are placed on the table, you need to choose cards with the same number or the same button.
  • Tight cards: The cards that you hold in your hand without the other player seeing, the tight cards are kept to keep your cards secret.
  • Scores: In some scratch rules, scores are used to determine the final winner after multiple games.
  • Secret Play: A version of a scratch game in which players are not allowed to reveal their cards to other players.
  • Open Play: Another version of a scratch game in which the cards of each player are placed open on the table and can be seen by everyone.
  • Hand: A situation in a game where all players have the same cards or no one has a triple. In this case, the player with the strongest card wins.

How to play scratch cards at home for newcomers

Online scratch is a green product that many people love, and for professional players, it’s too simple to play. However, for those who are new to the game, this is difficult, so here’s a detailed guide to how to play scratch cards that you can play at the casino How to play scratch cards:

  • Step 1: To participate in the betting, you first need to register, then deposit money into your game account.
  • Step 2: Choose the slot room, then the live casino chooses the playing table and the matching amount of the bet then starts.
  • Step 3: The dealer will give you three random cards you need to open the cards and count the number of points you have. If you find your opponent’s high and comestible score, you can make decisions like “Get off” or find that you can’t win, you have to choose “Take off” to limit your losses.
  • Step 4: Start comparing cards with other members to see the score and who’s the final winner.
How to play scratch cards
How to play scratch cards

How to play scratch cards

Here are some professional scratch experience that you can apply to improve your skills and beat every opponent on the betting table:

Card Tracker

Watch carefully the cards that have been placed on the table and the other player’s open cards. This helps you predict your chances of having the same number of cards or the same button, from which it is possible to predict the number of points of other players.

Button Preference Determination – How to play scratch cards

In the case of multiple cards with the same number on the table, the button advantage can determine the winner. Learn how to identify cards with stronger buttons to try to gain an advantage over other members, from which to know whether to follow or abandon.

How to play smart scratch cards

Test and develop your own tactics when playing scratch, in addition you can also learn from expert experience. Remember that this game is a combination of luck and skill, so try out different approaches and see which tactics work best for you.


How to play scratch cards as well as experience from gamers was sent to you by mcwcasino in the above article. Scratch is a popular and simple card game that requires not only luck but also skill and tactics. Don’t forget to learn the above experiences to increase your chances of winning in every game.