How to deal 9-button scratch cards Easy For New Soldiers

How to deal 9-button scratch cards is a problem that many brothers are wondering. If you see a player who always has a good card in the game, it’s very likely that you’ve encountered a deceitful player or an unreliable dealer. In this article, mcw casino will teach you how to divide a scratch into nine buttons or all three Westerners to avoid being scammed.

How to deal 9-button scratch cards
How to deal 9-button scratch cards

How to deal 9-button scratch cards What’s the crack?

How to deal 9-button scratch cards

Scratch or triple card is a popular game nowadays with simple participation, quick 1 game time. The scratch is divided winning and losing according to the brother-to-brother rule or the house rule. It’s not hard to join the three, even a first-time visitor is easy to join.

The bet will determine the winnings by a close score or equal to 9 if greater will be counted in units. If you want to use the 9-button scratch app, you need to take the time to learn the details of the game. In many countries of the world like Macao, Hong Kong or China, Cambodia and Vietnam are very fond of this type of card How to deal 9-button scratch cards.

Exactly how to calculate scores in the scratch you need to know

Before you go deeper into how to split the nine-button scratch, you should learn how to calculate the score. Scores in a scratch ball are divided into three groups with the following values:

  • Armies from 2 to 10 have a score corresponding to the value
  • For J, Q, K, it’s 10 points.
  • Pass: 1 point

Each participant performs a score comparison with the booth or the members of the board together. Whoever is holding close to nine or three Western cards wins. The final number of points is equal to the total value of the cards added together and calculated by the number of rows.

What are the advantages of a nine-button scratch?

In order to know if you should use the nine-button split technique, consider its advantages as follows:

  • Despite the fact that the nine-button split is a non-transparent fraud, it’s hard to detect because it doesn’t use false tools.
  • You don’t need to invest in the cost of buying support tools, you just need to train hard.
  • The whole card-sharing process went pretty fast and easy through the eyes of the other players.

How to split the cards with nine buttons

Progressive up playing is now attracting many brothers to participate but it does not deny the HOT of the three trees because of the speed and huge rewards. You just need to learn more skills and how to split the nine-button scratch, and the profits are going to be tremendous. Here’s a detailed guide from the old man of the village for you to choose the technique to apply:

How to split a 9 knot scratch

Snooping is a technique that only the high man can use to divide the cards according to his own will. No matter how you disrupt them, they keep their positions. This is a commonly used way that any participant can learn and grasp.

How to deal 9-button scratch cards
How to deal 9-button scratch cards

The nine-button scratch method usually requires players to be quick and sensitive and have flexible hands, well-adjusted mood. If you master the technique and apply it in the process of participating in the game, you can surely make money easily.

The ability to catch onions is crucial in scratching.

It’s extremely risky because it’s easy to detect but there’s still a lot of users. When compared to other techniques, people who use this technique must be mindful and use their minds quickly to remember all the cards and where they are placed so that they can apply the technique.


How to deal 9-button scratch cards method used by a lot of high-profile players is the dis-hook – that is to say, divide the beautiful cards to the last position first. These troops were placed in the platoon before you did.

This requires the player to rhythmically coordinate all the fingers. Specifically the smallest finger and make pull the last card out of the position with which the pointer also slides them and care about the first position will divide How to deal 9-button scratch cards.


How to deal 9-button scratch cards

The article on mcwcasino just turned on full information on How to deal 9-button scratch cards for you to refer and apply. Hopefully, with the methods we’ve just shared, you’ll win for yourself a big victory.