FISH PRAWN CRAB– Online Survey Experience at mcwcasino

FISH PRAWN CRAB are known to be a popular folk entertainment game in Vietnam, often appearing in family gatherings, gathering friends or on major occasions such as New Year’s Eve. As for the gameplay that this game brings, which is incredibly simple but attractive, there are many favorites all over the country.

In today’s article, mcw casino will provide fake readers with all the necessary information about the game of shrimp crabs. And share with new players how to play to high performance.


A better understanding of the game fish prawn crab.

The shrimp head, also known as the tiger’s head, the crab head, or the Ultimate, is a popular entertainment game in Vietnam. This game has a random gameplay and some similarities to Roulette. Despite its simplicity, fish shrimp craving is considered an indispensable activity during important holidays, especially in Vietnam.

Formation Origin fish prawn crab

The fish shrimp ball game originated in China and was originally called “Hoo Hey How.” Additionally, it is suggested that it is related to the “Crown and Anchor” game that originated in Western countries, using symbols such as Anchors, Muscles, Rows, Rings, Flags, and Crowns.

In time, the old document says that the shrimp bowling game appeared in the 18th century and became popular in the British Royal Navy, helping to relieve the stress for sailors during prolonged shipping journeys. Moreover, there is also documentation that the game originated in Vietnam with its original history of simply using the indicators of animals to predict the future and fate.

Overall, the origin of the shrimp crab remains a mystery because there are a lot of references, and it is not possible to determine exactly where the origin is. But as far as entertainment is concerned, we can’t talk about it and we shouldn’t go into it.

How to play fish prawn crab

In terms of how to play shrimp balls is very simple and understandable, players just have to participate and choose to bet the amount of money they want on the corresponding images such as:


After the basket has been shaken and stopped, the exact result will be determined based on the image appearing on the basket. The player will make a bet on the box where the image appears on the basket, and the player who plays the exact bet on this box will be considered the winner.

Understand the payout rate in afish prawn crab.

When it comes to the payout ratio in a shrimp ball game, this ratio is usually 1-1. For example, if a player plays a $10 bet on a “vote” image and the result is one “vot” and two “cows,” then the player receives $10 initial bet and $10 winnings. However, if the result doesn’t match the predictions, the player will lose the $10 that they bet.

Also, in some exceptional cases, if the result matches a player’s bet with a certain ratio, for example, if a player bets on “2” and the result is shown as 2, then the player can be paid a higher ratio like 1-2. Similarly, if the result is 3 and the player has placed a bet on “3,” they can get odds up to 1-5.

Learn a little bit about the rules of the fish prawn crab.

In a shrimp basket, the rules are simple and do not require too much complexity from the player. Before the dealer shakes the basket, the player has to place a bet within the specified timeframe. You can bet on one or more images depending on your preferences. When the dealer starts shaking the baskets, you won’t be able to place any more bets.

Another advantage of this game when participating online on the mcwcasino platform is unlimited in the number of players. You can join with many others without worrying about crowded games.


fish prawn crab are a popular game and there is no need to argue about how attractive it brings. With a simple but equally attractive gameplay, the result is based on the player’s luck, guaranteeing 100% fairness. Come and experience the mcwcasino platform’s curve shake and experience unlimited fun and winnings!