Fish Catch – The New Fishing Shooter 2023

Fish Catch is a unique entertainment and betting game, taking players into exciting underwater adventures. Imagine yourself as an ocean hunter, where you never know how many fish you’re going to catch, but there’s always a chance to make significant earnings. Come with mcw casino to explore the mysterious world of Fish Catch and the exciting experiences it brings.

Fish Catch
Fish Catch

What is Fish Catch?

RTG’s Fish Catch is a brand-new betting game, targeting the Millenials market, which the betting industry has not previously been able to exploit. The game allows players to bet at a low level, from only $0.01 and can be up to $50. However, don’t let a low bet fool you, because you usually have to shoot more bullets per second, and each bullet is equal to your bet.

After the initial bet, you can choose any of the five weapons with the respective multipliers of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10, so careful selection is important. Whichever weapon you choose will help you remove fish worth less than your bet from the screen, which is an important security mechanism to protect your income.

The maximum bet, if you choose both the initial bet and the strongest gun, is $500 per shot. This creates volatility in the game, as you usually have to shoot multiple bullets to kill a fish, and betting $500 per shot can make you quickly fail. However, players who like to challenge will find this feature very interesting.

Game Design

In the Fish Catch game, the most remarkable is the unique visual and sound design. The development team overcame all expectations and deserves praise. Each original bet was initially combined with a separate character, such as the 0.01 bet that depicts a clownfish inspired by the famous cartoon “Finding Nemo”.

As you enter the world of Fish Catch, you’ll be captured by sounds that showcase the life of the ocean and the deep seabed from the neutral to the lush. You are free to choose one of the four levels to participate by clicking on the corresponding section on the minimum map in the upper right corner of the screen. Every fish in the list of 20 species is designed in mode 2.5D, even the gun you’re using is beautifully designed and up-to-date.

Rare fish – those that don’t often appear on the screen – are specially signaled when they appear. They’re marked on a minimal map, so you know where they appear so you have a chance to shoot them.

Underneath each marine creature, you can see its blood bar after you shoot it for the first time and the credit value corresponds to that fish. This system provides information in a clear way without causing visual distortion.

If you want to see the blood bar and values of all species at any time, just press the “Fish Information” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to play

Fish Catch’s rules are quite different from traditional casino betting. When you shoot a fish with a bullet, there is a random chance to get a bonus – and this depends on the value of the bullet and the fish. If you shoot the same fish several times, the chances of it breaking and rewarding you are also increased. However, RTG did not disclose specific probability details.

Fish Catch
Fish Catch

Key Features of Fish Catch

A unique feature of the game is four different areas, where each area has its own combination and location of fish. This creates the opportunity for up to four players to join, which is another interesting feature of the game.

Fish Catch has many features, which include automatic shooting and automatic fishing. The automatic shooting feature allows you to target a specific fish, then the gun will shoot at it until you catch it or it gets out of the screen. The auto-fishing feature allows you to select one or more types of fish, and the gun will shoot any fish of that type as long as they appear on the screen.

It should be noted that changing the playing area or choosing the automatic mode will affect the bullets. The bullets will disappear if you move the area or in case you choose to shoot automatically. However, the missing bullets will be returned, so there’s no need to worry too much.

Another special feature is “Mermaid’s Luck,” which was mentioned earlier. It appears as a wheel that appears on the left of the screen and allows you to spin – operating similarly to a reward wheel and giving you a prize based on the initial value of the bullet. The maximum prize in this feature is $2,500.


Fish Catch, thanks to its innovation, beautiful graphic design, and smooth sound, has quickly become a prominent game at online casinos. This is a special feature of attractiveness in the betting industry. This game is exciting, and mcwcasino strongly recommend you try your luck and take part in an exciting fishing hunt.